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Repair damage at bow area for MT. TIGER KNIGHT

Date 30-12-2022 Views: 472

TIGER KNIGHT is a chemical/oil tanker. At the end of November 2022, before coming in Vietnam, she had an accident and was badly damaged in the forecastle deck.

Have been trusted by ship owner, NICE SEA Company Limited was contacted to carry out the repair work for her. Upon receiving the information, NICE SEA urgently set up the Repair plan, arranged labor & necessary equipment and carried out the demanding procedures for the job.

After she berthing, the repair team and all necessary equipment were immediately come on board. All engineers and workers were fully equipped with labor protection. Before performing the work, the whole team had a safety meeting with the C/O to agree on the repair plan and ensure labour safety.

Because TIGER KNIGHT is chemical/oil tanker, we had invited an expert to test the gas and issue the Gas-free certificate.

After receiving the approval of the BV class surveyor, we began to work.

The first important step was to determine the damaged locations, measured and recorded the dimensions of these parts carefully and accurately. Then cut off the damaged parts.

Next, we cut the metal plates and fabricated them according to the shape and size as recorded to replace the damaged parts. The metal plates were carefully chamfered.

After the class surveyor checked carefully, we cleaned the inside of the welds and glue the porcelain backing. The next step was assemble the fabricated metal plates in place. When welding and assembly were completed, we grinded the welds to remove weld rust.

Afterwards, we invited the experts of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) to check the integrity of the welds. The results showed that the welds was in good condition, no leaks. This due to we carried out the welding process carefully, meticulously and complied with quality standards to ensure the sustainability of the final product.

Finally, we re-painted the repaired area to ensure aesthetics and restore the original appearance of the vessel.

Thus, after 5 days with untired efforts, we had successfully completed the assigned task. We had already completed repair damaged area and help to restore its original state; ensure the safety and schedule for the vessel.

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