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Permanent repair ship side damaged due to collided by fishing boat for MV. CHUN WEI

Date 20-10-2023 Views: 191

MV. CHUN WEI (IMO: 9565120) is General Cargo that was built in 2009 and is sailing under the flag of Belize. On 30th Aug 2023, the vessel collided with a fishing boat resulting in significant damage and deformation on the hull side.

Ship Owner required our team to cut out the damaged areas and then install, replace them.

According to the instructions of the ship owner, Nice Sea Company Limited has arranged manpower, equipment, and materials to carry out the necessary procedures.

After she berthing, the whole repair team and all necessary equipment were immediately come on board. All engineers and workers are equipped with full labor protection. Before starting work, the whole team had a safety meeting with Capt to unify a repair plan and ensure labor safety.

After the safety meeting our team began to inspect, identify, and remark on the damaged and deformed locations and then proceeded to remove them

Next, we proceeded to install scaffolding cut the metal plates and fabricated them according to the shape and size as the drawing to assemble into place the damaged parts including: Port side, upper deck, Air conditioning inside areas, engine room and Toilet inside

Next, we conducted Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) to check the integrity of the welds with the crew on board. The results show that the welds are in good condition, with no leaks. This is due to we carried out the welding process carefully, meticulously and complied with quality standards to ensure the sustainability of the final product.

Finally, we re-painted the repaired area to ensure aesthetics and restore the original appearance of the vessel

With the tireless efforts of our team of technicians, supervisors and equipment, we completed work with the satisfaction of Capt, Chief, Officer and the shipowner. That is to repair damaged parts and restore the ship to its original state, ensure safety and schedule for ships.

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