Year end party Ho Chi Minh Branch 2022

Date 11-01-2023 Views: 1108

Responding to the New Year exciting atmosphere of the northern bridgehead, the southern bridgehead – Nice Sea Company Limited Ho Chi Minh branch, was also busy preparing for the Year-End party.

The party took place at Din Ky - Cu Lao Xanh Restaurant. This is a special occasion to temporarily put aside the daily work to have a warm meal, chat, and look back on the past year’s journey.

Besides the Board of Directors and the entire staff of NICE SEA Company Limited Ho Chi Minh Branch, we were also honored to have the presence of a large number of guests such as classification organizations, harbor authorities, and local agents.

Every preparation stage was carried out very carefully to bring a joyful and warm atmosphere to all guests. The stage was decorated brightly with the sound & light system combined with a brilliant red background symbolizing a successful and lucky new year. Additionally, there were many fresh flower baskets - which were very meaningful gifts from our guests.

After the Board of Directors speech, the party officially started. We raised a glass of champagne and gave each other all the best wishes for the new year.

Then, we enjoyed delicious dishes combined with vibrant and meaningful musical performances.

The atmosphere was extremely joyful and emotional. We sat together and looked back over the past year, there were many hardships and worries, but also joys and successes. Above all, those are the motivations for us to try harder and strive more.

An old year had passed, a new year has come with many hopes and dreams. We believe that NICE SEA Company Limited will be more and more success, to build a Solidarity, Prestige and Strong team to better meet the needs of customers all over the world.

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