Marine Supply

Date 06-12-2022 Views: 1148

Nice Sea Company Limited is one of the top companies with strengths in providing marine supplies. With nearly 20 years of operation in the maritime industry, We can supply a wide range of marine supplies at all seaports and anchorages in Vietnam and Singapore such as:

1. Supply of equipment, spare parts and material for ships of all kinds.

2. Provide food.

3. Cargo transportation, customs clearance for ships.

4. Provide human resources.

Nice Sea persistently pursues the development orientation set out from the early days of our establishment. It is to provide products, solutions and services related to the maritime sector. Besides, we are constantly upgrading services with modern methods to shorten time and optimize efficiency. All these improvements have contributed to increase the value of our services.

Nice Sea will strive to fulfill the responsibility of an excellent supplier to bring quality products, reasonable prices and dedicated service to customers. Ensure professional staffs who provide suitable advice and services to domestic and international customers.

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